Nov 03, 2011

The Evolution of Display: Dynamic Targeting

Being in front of a consumer at the moment they need your product should be every advertiser’s goal. If you sell allergy medication, your ad should be there the second consumers realize their allergies are acting up. If you sell swimsuits, you had better be there when the weather is right for swimming. And if you offer financial advice and support, you definitely want visibility when consumers see the need to build or diversify their portfolios.

Dynamic targeting is the growing trend in helping advertisers be there when the vine is ripe for the pickin’.

Over the last few months, many vendors have come to me excited about their new technology that will server my clients’ ads at the precise time consumers need their products. I’m absolutely itching to utilize this technology and might get the chance in 2012.

Undertone was the first to expose me to the dynamic targeting option and I was instantly intrigued. I wondered to myself, “Is the moment it starts to rain a good time to advertise for umbrellas? Wouldn’t it be the day before it rains?” Later, I thought a bit about my own consumer behavior. I won’t pay attention to an umbrella ad until I need an umbrella – and I consider it ironic. The next time I’m at the store and I pass umbrellas, I remember that feeling of, “Wow, wish I had an umbrella now.” It’s not until I have that feeling of need or desire that I associate it with a conscious decision to purchase. Psychology & Advertising 101, perhaps? Could it be that simple?


[Contributed by Emily Carroll]