Nov 10, 2011

Google “Freshness” Update

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On November 3, Google rolled out its newest algorithm change which they say is an extension to the “Caffeine” update launched mid 2010. The goal of the “freshness” update is to bring searchers the most up-to-date, or freshest, information possible in areas where new information really matters like current events, frequently changing technologies, and regularly reoccurring events. Along with the focus on fresh content, Google can now execute AJAX and JavaScript to index comments on pages like Facebook and Twitter. This means comments made on social media pages could very well pop up on search engine results pages (SERP) – especially if they are in reference to a subject in one of the affected categories.

What This Means for Digital Marketing

Obviously fresh content is going to become more important. While this will have a bigger impact on some websites than others, if the site you’re managing happens to be among those considered to be one in the “freshness” category, then you’ll need to constantly crank out the new content while remaining relevant and unique. In this respect, SEO will become more difficult and time consuming, but hopefully rewarding you for the time spent producing the content with higher SERP rankings and traffic.

Social media can now be considered to be a tool for SEO. With Google indexing comments from social media pages, it stands to reason that relevant, keyword dense comments could achieve high rankings on search results pages. This means more thought and planning will need to go into coordinating our social media campaigns with SEO efforts to incorporate keywords.

On the surface it seems that Google has made it easier to achieve high rankings for sites that constantly publish new content and are active in social media marketing, but as with all Google updates there are winners and losers. The categories considered in this update will become more competitive, and require increased efforts to maintain rankings. However, with a well-planned and executed digital marketing strategy these changes can certainly be used to your advantage.

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