Nov 11, 2011

Mobile Marketing Looks to be “Full-Steam Ahead” in 2012

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The leaves are starting to fall, which means I need to pull my sweaters down from storage. Dust off that box and clear space in my closet. This annual process got me thinking about digital advertising and the annual planning process marketing departments go through to get their budgets ready for the upcoming year (yes, I am a nerd). What do LEAP clients need to be thinking about in 2012? Where should they be spending their already stretched marketing dollars? I am agreeing with many that mobile marketing will be huge in 2012 and should only continue to grow.


I found some interesting data from Warrior Forum that spells out the digital marketing environment over the next couple years. What caught my attention was that there is expected to be 60 million Smartphone users in 2013. In that same vein, Prosper Mobile Insights reported that most people don’t use their Smartphones for talking - one-in-five (22%) said they use it for texting, followed by using the Internet (17%) and then email (16%). Our clients need to be thinking about mobile-friendly websites and email campaigns with a bold call to action.


“Consumers increasingly expect to communicate, network, browse and shop from a range of devices, and the growing sophistication of smart devices will only accelerate this trend,” said Noah Elkin, principal analyst at eMarketer and author of the new report, ‘Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Moving to the Mainstream.’


With all this information at hand, I started looking around at some really successful mobile marketing campaigns and the one that caught my attention was Nike’s Times Square ad featuring their Nike ID shoe. It was innovative, creative and engaged the consumer with the brand. The article about the Nike ID campaign explains that only sending texts, voicemails or video ads won’t be enough. It’s time to get creative!


In the end, it is no long the question of ‘should’ a marketing department and strategy focus on mobile marketing but ‘how’. So roll up those sweater sleeves and let’s get some really awesome and creative mobile campaigns out the door in 2012.


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