Nov 14, 2011

When Creative Product Design and Fan Art Meet

Maybe this blog doesn’t cover typical digital marketing news, per se, but this is definitely worth sharing. From a creative and product design standpoint, turning the All-American “Chuck Taylor” basketball shoe into walking (yes, pun intended) fan art for some of the most amazing television shows on prime time is truly exciting.

The creative team at Tauntr developed spec shoes for Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Walking Dead.




AdWeek covered these wildly clever Converse shoes earlier this month. To my dismay, they’re not actually for sale (TEASES)—but as AdWeek mentions, it’s something AMC’s product licensing division should consider.

As an avid television-watcher, I think America’s fascination with drugs and the sub-culture of zombie-mania that has swept the nation would probably sell enough shoes to fund 10 more seasons of each show. And I’d wear Showtime’s favorite blood boy, Dexter, on my shoes any day.

I could even go for Sue Sylvester (Glee) or Spartacus (Blood and Sand) on my Chucks. What about you? 


[Contributed by Emily Carroll]