Nov 21, 2011

Louisville Slugger is Far from “Clueless” on How to Make Social Media Engaging

In today’s “social” world of ‘liking’, mentioning, and ‘retweeting’, it seems that anyone who is anyone has some form of social media channel. What once was cutting edge now seems to be the norm. This proposes a new challenge in thinking about marketing strategy. Ok you’re on social media…so what? Everyone is. Many companies take the first step of creating social media pages, but then fail to keep their consumers engaged. Companies now face the challenge of ensuring that their social media marketing efforts are relevant so consumers actually utilize it beyond simply ‘liking’ or ‘following’ them.

In late October of 2011, Louisville Slugger decided it was time to shake up their standard social media efforts. Even though the company had been “social” for three years strong, the activity level had become dormant. The recent conclusion of The World Series (with a triumph win by the St. Louis Cardinals), gave the company the perfect opportunity to reach their fans. Slugger’s efforts went beyond the typical Facebook and Twitter contests and not only got their fans engaged, but active.

The Louisville-based company lead their fans on a hunt, scavenger that is, all around the city of St. Louis in search for 45 commemorative bats. They were giving out live “clues” on where the bats were located through Facebook and Twitter. After only one day with this new approach, the brand’s ‘likes’ increased by 143% and ‘followers’ by 161%. Not to mention the enormous increase of 834% of fans “talking about this” on Facebook. This new social chatter feature is a raw number expressing how much activity is going on about a brand which includes status updates, mentions, RSVP’s, photo-tags, and check-in’s.

Louisville Slugger’s digital scavenger hunt caused quite the frenzy around St. Louis and more importantly around Louisville Slugger’s brand. By making their social marketing efforts more engaging, the company was able to reach their fans in a new and physically active way. So if you need “clues” on how to make your social media efforts more effective, try thinking outside box or, in their case, the house.

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Contributed by , Marketing Coordinator