Nov 28, 2011

Defining Our Integrated Marketing Strategy

We are often asked what defines our integrated marketing strategy. It is a term that is used by many advertising agencies, industry experts and professionals. However, the way it is described will differ from one person, and agency, to the next.

At LEAP, we define our integrated marketing strategy in two ways: philosophy and execution.


We grew up in a digital world. It is in our DNA. We came from a world where a website was once text and hyperlinks and entered what has evolved into highly interactive websites, Facebook tabs, mobile and video. We know at our core that the website could not stand on just text and hyperlinks and thus we involved our creative teams. Our technology teams were coding websites with elements geared towards SEO before it became a marketing channel – because it was the correct way to code a page. Thus, for twelve years, we have combined expertise in technology, creative and marketing to create award-winning, results-driven marketing solutions.

And as other digital marketing channels came along, we were the first to implement them for our clients. From the advent of SEO to banner ads to PPC and now to social media and mobile, we have developed competencies around how each channel works – and how each impacts other marketing channels. As digital marketing has moved execution offline into the traditional marketing space, we have moved with it bringing our knowledge of analytics and measurement along the way. We have tested, and continue to test, the most effective ways all of our channels can work together to provide extra lift in your marketing campaign.


It is simply not about what we believe, it is also how we execute the programs. We build out strategic documents, which lay the foundation work for understanding your audience and business objectives and then outline how we will meet them with creative messaging and delivery into specific marketing channels. Our road maps don’t just start at developing a plan, but lead to execution. We follow-up our execution with detailed analytics and reporting – proof we have implemented the plan and are seeing results. We continually tweak and test all elements of the creative ensuring not only are you seeing results, but also that we are driving ROI off your marketing spend.

We spend countless hours developing out marketing campaigns for our clients. It is who we are and it is what we do.