Dec 01, 2011

Defending PPC Marketing

by: in PPC

I have given several presentations on Search Marketing and invariably I get the same statement:

            “I don’t ever click on those ads.”

Meaning, they do not click on the paid search ads in the returned search result.

As a digital agency and search marketers, we must overcome the prejudice that exists over search marketing ads. In a November report from Borrell Associates titled “Budgeting for 2012: Local Online Advertising Forecasts and Key Growth Opportunities,” local paid search advertising is expected to grow 10% to $6.2 billion. In related research, Performics announced among their retail clients in October, paid search spend was up 46 – 73% and paid search clicks were up 38 – 47% year-over-year. As a search marketer, you know that the only way spend can grow in the paid search market is if a consumer is clicking on the ad.

The search engines have made great strides over the last 12-18 months to improve the quality of the ads. By tweaking relevancy algorithms and enhancing the features available in the ads, they have improved the overall experience of paid search ads.

So my response to those not clicking on ads - “Why not?” Share your thoughts with me on Facebook or Twitter.