Dec 15, 2011

Extreme Branding Strategy Makeovers

With 2012 quickly approaching, we all promise ourselves “this will be the best year yet!” Somewhere mixed in with all the cliché resolutions, there is always one regarding a makeover of some sort. What about your brand? What type of branding makeover does your marketing strategy need to ensure “the best year yet”?

The first step to any good makeover is to analyze your current image. What are your strong points, what are your weaknesses? From there you must decide the new image you are going to portray and what perception you want to give. Many brands make the mistake of establishing an image that does not portray the perception they want their consumers to have. Some brands face the issue of having no image at all!

In the case of Paramount Farms, they decided to create an image for a ‘faceless’ product with their infamous ‘Get Crackin’ campaign for pistachio nuts. Paramount Farms decided to use a ‘nutty’ branding strategy by using Internet memes in their ads. These memes were a way to engage their consumers on a more personal level. They ran the risk of casting people, characters, etc. that not everyone would recognize or understand the reference. Regardless of the risk, it has become one the most successful and well known campaigns to date for the brand. Paramount Farms saw the need for a brand makeover, and they went for it.

Having the right brand position and strategy can make the difference between a Kardashian approved image and a Snooki bump fallen flat.

If you feel it’s time for a branding makeover, connect with a great digital marketing agency so your brand can have a fabulous 2012!

Contributed by , marketing coordinator