Dec 19, 2011

Creating Smart Email Marketing

by: in Email

Email may be less sexy than social media but… who wants to only be sexy when you can be sexy and smart? The fact of the matter is, even though new digital marketing channels such as social media and mobile are cutting edge and dare I say, SEXY, email is still a smart variable in your integrated marketing strategy.

Many businesses may think that email advertising is outdated and can be a nuisance to their target audience. While there may some truth in those assumptions, there is no denying the sheer number of people using Email. One of the most important aspects of any good campaign is reach, and the bigger the better! In Christy Belden’s presentation on 2012 Digital Marketing Trends, she mentions there are nearly 3 times as many email accounts as there are Facebook and Twitter accounts COMBINED. That means if you want to be where your consumers are, you are going to need to pop-up in their inboxes.

Who’s to say this pop-up has to be a nuisance? It’s not about removing email from your marketing campaign but about improving how you communicate through this medium. After all it’s not always about what you say, but how you say it. Small adjustments in graphics, text, and layout can make the difference between an opened envelope and the dreaded trash icon. Using new technology like Toutapp can also help track outgoing emails, save templates, and update CRM software to make your email campaigns more successful.

Email is a necessity in any great digital marketing strategy as long as it is done correctly. Contact us to help ensure your consumers get excited to hear “you’ve got mail”.


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