Jan 05, 2012

Online Video Ads Growth Expected in 2012

In a recent e-Marketer article, pre-roll and mobile ads are expected to top the list of digital video ads for 2012. Advertising decision makers appear to be sticking with pre-roll video ads – up 1% as 63% plan to place pre-roll ads in 2012. With the exception of in-banner video ads, other top video ad formats are expected to increase in 2012 as well.


E-Marketer also reported in addition to increasing video ads, advertising decision makers are not abandoning non-video display ads, but instead running the two ad types in tandem with one another along with TV ads, search marketing and print/outdoor advertising mediums. Once again showcasing the need to expand a brand’s integrated marketing efforts.


The final element of the e-Marketer report focused on what pricing models digital marketers are using to purchase online video ads and which pricing models advertising decision makers prefer to use. Not surprisingly, 21% of decision makers prefer a cost per acquisition pricing model, followed closely by cost per engagement (19%). While the traditional pricing models of cost per thousand and cost per click remained at 18% and 16%, digital marketers are beginning to look for “metrics which hold sellers more accountable for consumer-advertiser engagement.”


As many areas of digital marketing and digital media continue to grow and expand in 2012, the shift of display advertising more focused on video ads will be an interesting trend to watch.


How is your company, brand or agency using digital video ads? What are your preferred types? Are you finding changing in the pricing models for these ads? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.