Jan 09, 2012

Brand Relationships with Facebook …They’re “Complicated”

The best way to explain balancing your company’s relationship with Facebook is…”it’s complicated”. When it comes to looking for advice about Facebook ratings, there seems to be just as many opinions as YouTube has likes (which is 48 million, by the way). With so many opinions and do’s and don’ts, they can’t all possibly be correct, right? Well, to make matters more complicated the answer is yes…and no.


Despite the abundance of opinions on company branding and marketing with Facebook, experts and bloggers alike come to agreement on a few of the same big ideas. The main one being the measurement of your brand’s impact on Facebook. The number of ‘likes’ now has less importance when evaluating your social media presence. As Neff mentions in his article, “More Than Just Numbers: The Brands With the Top Relationship Quality on Facebook” the amount of engagement relates closer to a high score on the Fathom Analytics Relationship Quality Index than ‘likes’ alone. This score like others such as EdgeRank mentioned in Smith’s “How to Virally Grow Your Facebook Fan Page”, are based on a combination of criteria such as user affinity, status weight, freshness, momentum, engagement, and emotional quality.


Multiple other opinions also believe that things such a language, time of day, and frequency should meet a certain requirement. Some say, be personal. Some say, be professional. Nine AM, no two PM. Once a day, no twice a day…etc. To add to the opinions, here’s mine - ”it’s complicated”. No one expert or blogger can definitively decide these factors. It depends on your audience and industry. What works for one brand will not always be the case for another in the world of social media marketing. It is much like a real relationship, you have to try different things to find the right mix.


So go ahead, take the plunge and tie the knot on your “complicated” relationship with Facebook and live happily ever after! Need help? Contact LEAP and our digital marketing team will help counsel your brand in a healthy social media relationship.



Contributed by , Marketing Specialist