Jan 11, 2012

Determining Sales Team Ready Leads: Lead Scoring and Grading

by: in LEAP

The goal of most digital marketing efforts it to drive visitors to a website who then take a call to action that indicates purchase intent. Super active website visitors are exciting for lead generators, but we have to be careful not to jump the gun. Sending all over-active leads to the sales team can be hazardous to your relationship with them. Some leads aren’t ready to be contacted, some may just be browsing, and some may be doing research for other reasons than purchasing your product or service.


You know your product and most likely understand the things that people typically try to find out before making a purchase. If you don’t, then have a meeting with the sales team and work out the most prominent online buying signals. This is where lead scoring comes in. Once you’ve figured out favorable vs. unfavorable online actions, assign either positive or negative points to each identifiable action (making sure to take into account the job title, industry and other important qualifiers for B2B leads).

Grading System

Developing a grading system is the next step. The most important point that I can make here is to not think of it like a sport such as golf or basketball. The lowest score won’t always win and neither will the highest. What will, is the visitor who has taken the right combination of steps to be considered an “A” lead. As I mentioned earlier, overactive leads may be nothing more than a researcher (or competition) and not a potential customer. This can be incredibly complex and should be unique to your company and position in the market place. It will need to be monitored and adjusted especially in the early implementation stage, but will serve you and your sales team well. The grading system below represents a two part scoring system, and does a fine job of displaying how high scores in certain areas may not mean a high quality lead.


Source: Demandgen.com/blog


Our mission at LEAP (LEAP) when supporting lead generation clients, is to develop this process and then follow through on those leads identified as “A” quality, while employing lead nurturing techniques for lower quality leads until they reach the best grades. Understanding each client’s individual lead generation needs and having a plan of action to contact those leads benefits both the customer and our lead generation team. If you’re looking for new ways to help generate qualified leads for your business, LEAP’s lead generation team can help you get the most out of your website and marketing efforts to drive “A” leads to your sales team.


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