Jan 16, 2012

Banner Year for Email in 2011

by: in Email

According to Responsys Inc, retailers sent a record number of promotional emails during 2011. Retailers averaged 177 emails per subscriber in 2011 up 16% from 2010 and up 51% from 2008. The report also found December is the highest month for email campaigns; Cyber Monday is the busiest email marketing day of the year and Friday is the busiest retail marketing day of the week.


This is great news for email marketers and the channel as a whole. We get asked a lot if email marketing is worth the investment and the above numbers prove the value. If the top 100 retailers did not find value in the medium, it would not have experienced such aggressive growth.


If you are interested in pursuing an email marketing campaign, here are some things to think about.


1. Commitment to consistent publication of content – Understand your audience and business cycle and commit to producing content on a regular basis. We recommend no less than one email a month. Developing an editorial calendar for your emails sends will help you stick to your goal.

2. Don’t over think the content – Content can come from a variety of sources: industry news, company news, legislation, promotions, new product development, sales material and so forth.  Your internal teams may believe your customers know everything there is to know about your business and brand. However that is an extremely myopic view. Utilizing the editorial calendar mentioned above to map out informational topics will allow your team to better distribute valuable company information to your consumers.

3. In creating content, make sure it optimized for mobile – The number one activity on a Smartphone is checking email. However, many businesses that use email marketing do not optimize their sends for mobile browsing. By taking the time to optimize your emails for mobile, increases the chances of your message being read.

4. Collect emails at every opportunity – Your website, sales calls, clients and so on are great opportunities to ask for an email address to begin marketing/remarketing to them.  An email address is a low cost investment for many individuals who may be reluctant to give out a phone number. You can utilize that to your advantage via email marketing.