Jan 20, 2012

SEMRush—An Excellent SEO Analytics Tool

Recently, we introduced a new analytics tool at LEAP to help better measure search marketing analytics for our clients. Over the past few months, I have been using SEMRush more and more for competitive research and client analytics and reporting. SEMRush offers a variety of metrics and while I have used many, I have not had the opportunity to use all of them to date. However, there is one metric I would like to highlight for you that I use quite a bit when developing LEAP client reports – the organic keyword report and positioning.

When you click on the organic keyword report you get a nice list of all of the keywords that produce a listing of your website in the top 20 organic search results on Google. For each of those keywords you have a whole host of metrics at your disposal. The metric I am highlighting is position. 

Position tells you the place of the listing in the search results. In other words, the keyword list could produce a listing of your website in 1st place (position) of the search results or 19th place (position). This information is incredibly helpful in assessing the site’s performance for keywords. Obviously, the higher ranked your listing, the better. If your listing is in one of the top 10 positions (1st place through 10th place), then your website has made the first page of search results on Google! 

Over time you can monitor the position of the listings for your keywords and help measure the success of your SEO efforts. In a digital marketing agency, SEMRush provides many great tools to help with SEO analysis for client reporting and development of strategic marketing plans. 


[Contributed by Ben Hill]