Jan 30, 2012

Google’s Introduction to AdGroup-Level Performance

by: in PPC

I am often asked why a particular Google AdGroup is performing better or worse than other AdGroups in a campaign. In response during these discussions, peers and colleagues of mine have chosen to place all of their segmentation into Campaigns. Allowing them to see performance data and budget comparisons among their keyword groups. However, I am firm believer in campaigns with a strict hierarchy and I reserve Campaigns for times when targeting is necessary to achieve desired results.  Therefore, I have been limited in my answers as to why specifically one AdGroup is performing in a particular way.

In looking at the AdGroups-Level data Google recently released within AdWords, more data is accessible than what was previously available at that level. The new AdGroups-Level data definitely provides insights into the overall performance of the campaign in greater micro detail. The intelligence gained will allow better ease of testing different strategies among AdGroups. Kudos to Google for taking this step forward and improving the data available. 

I hope Google will continue to upgrade the offerings within AdWords. The more offerings and detail we, as a digital marketing agency, can provide to clients and prospects, the more value paid search has as a marketing channel.