Jan 31, 2012

Red Bull, The X Games & Integrated Marketing

I love extreme sports! I have since I learned to watch television. So, naturally, when I hear it is the time of year for the X Games, I pencil in a couple hours of sitting on the couch. The athletes in this year’s games were more outstanding than ever and, then again, so were the sponsors. According to Sports Business Daily, the X Games staff went with fewer sponsors this year having only four signed as “Official Partners.”  In an attempt to form deeper relationships, marketing rights were offered across several types of media. The sponsors were not shy about using these well-earned media spots, but one of them truly stood out above the rest, Red Bull.

Red Bull took the marketing rights that came with the sponsorship and ran with it, launching an impressive integrated marketing campaign across the social media, digital marketing, print, television and radio channels. Red Bull delivered a strong and consistent message to their young male target market, “Red Bull gives you wings,” while reinforcing it with clips of their newly sponsored Louie Vito flying high above the superpipe. I’ve let their aggressive branding slip into my mind and I have a feeling that I’m not the only one. In fact, their messaging has been so strong and consistent over the last few years that I’ve begun to associate it with any type of extreme sport. I can hardly spend an entire day on the slopes without one!

If you were at all interested in the X Games, you would have certainly come across the Red Bull message. Whether you were looking up information on ESPN, Facebook, Twitter, or just watching it, you know what Red Bull is all about. Like all successful integrated marketing strategies, they were consistent, they knew their target market, and they approached their audience through numerous channels. Out of all the advertising competitors I’d have to give them the gold.