Feb 02, 2012

It’s “Game Time” for Interactive Marketing

On Sunday, millions of people, including me, will gather together to watch the Super Bowl…commercials. Advertisers pay top dollar to get their messages out to millions of people during this monumental game. But in this world full of distractions such as Smartphones, iPads, and social media, how do advertisers ensure they capture the attention of all of those people? Well it’s like the old saying, “If ya can’t beat em, join em,” which is exactly what Chevy is doing.

Instead of fighting the distractions, Chevy decided to become one and engage the Super Bowl audience with the Chevy “Game Time” app. It creates an interactive environment for fans to answer trivia, talk about the game, and win prizes like a new Chevy Camaro. Every person that downloads the app gets a unique virtual license plate, and if it matches one in a Chevy commercial during the Super Bowl they are a winner. Chevy’s audience now has a reason to watch and (more importantly) pay attention to Chevy’s commercials during the Super Bowl. If you ask me, Chevy may very well come out of this year’s Super Bowl as the MVA (most valuable advertiser).

Engaging customers is more important than ever and Chevy has found a way to do it on the biggest stage, but you don’t have to have millions of dollars to achieve the same effect. Let LEAP help you create an interactive marketing plan that will work for your business.

Contributed by , Jump! Account & Marketing Coordinator

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