Feb 08, 2012

Chevy Advertisements Score During the Super Bowl

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Last week, I praised Chevy and their foresight to engage customers during the Super Bowl commercials with the use of their “Game Time” app. Now that the Super Bowl is over, I stand by my praise of Chevy as they executed their game plan and captured the attention of the “second screen” audience.

Chevy’s ads fell just outside of the top 10 ads of the Super Bowl, rated by the viewers. Their Happy Grad and Mayan Apocalypse ads took 11th and 12th respectively. However, this certainly wasn’t due to lack of viewership. Chevy managed to reach the 111 million people that tuned in Sunday, as well as additional 8 million views on YouTube. Chances are that large portions of those viewers were looking for those winning license plates.

Chevy did a great job of capturing what is being referred to as the “second screen” audience. “Second screen” audience refers to the people that have a screen such as a Smartphone or an iPad in addition to the television. The number of “second screen” users is substantial, shown by the record amount of Tweets that occurred during the game. As of 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, mobile app users had racked up a total of 344,385 hours playing Chevy “Game Time” and answered 7,626,578 trivia questions within the app.

The “second screen” is a great tool for advertisers to create a strong call to action, and LEAP can help. Whether you are looking for a mobile website or a mobile app of your own, let our team create the interactive marketing campaign that is right for your company.



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