Feb 09, 2012

Google Glasses: Making Science Fiction into Reality

Lately it seems that the mid 19th century fantasies of the future may not have been too far off, or maybe their visions shaped our development, but the technologies of our former dreams will likely soon be at our fingertips. Last year offered the first flying car approved for roadways, while this year may very well contain some of the first computing eyewear.

In a recent report from 9to5Google, Google’s fancy new eyewear will follow the same idea from the Terminator movies and present the consumer with a heads up display in one of the lenses. With advanced technology already existing for transparent displays, I’d imagine that the capability of the display would not be limited much more than a Smartphone. On top of the sweet display, the report also suggests the possibility of an internet connection for the glasses via a Wi-Fi to the user’s cell phone along with a forward facing camera.

What could this mean for digital marketing?

Given that we don’t know how the user interface will be displayed, it’s hard to say. I foresee website, ad, and application development specifically for the tiny transparent screen, and it wouldn’t live up to the sci-fi movies if it didn’t utilize facial and location recognition software. It could absolutely change the way that users interact with the different elements of digital marketing and therefore change our approach to testing and development. That’s what I love about this industry. Every time we start to get bored, something new comes out offering new opportunities and requiring fresh thinking.