Feb 13, 2012

New Kid On The Web: This Could Get Pin-teresting

Welcome to the new “Pin Up” era! No, I’m not talk about Betty Grable or Marilyn Monroe, I’m talking about the social media sharing sensation Pinterest. If you’re not on Pinterest, you need to request a membership as soon as you’re done reading my blog (Warning: this site is HIGHLY addictive). This new social media site allows users to share content via “pins” by adding links you find interesting on your various “boards”. This sharing nature is also known as referral traffic. According to a study conducted by Shareaholic, Pinterest had more referral traffic than Youtube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, and MySpace last month. Pinterest took its overall referral traffic from 0.17% in July 2011 to 3.6% in January 2012, making it only .01% behind Twitter.

For you non-pinners, you probably don’t understand why Pinterest is so great. “It looks like a bunch of pictures” was my initial reaction. Once I started exploring, I realized it’s subtle powers. Its interface is designed for members to follow certain interests - food, fashion, fitness, etc - and displays pictures and links based on those specified categories. It allows you to “repin” links to your own boards, mimicking Twitter’s “retweet” action. Users can also “like” pins that keep them in a separate area for easy access when they wish to recall that link. You can link your account to your other social properties, personal website, and search engines. You can also post infographics, videos, and even conduct contests!

So what does this mean for businesses? You want to be in this space. For the retail industry, this is a huge development for how consumers shop. Users can “follow” a company’s pins and if they see a picture of a product they like, they can simply click and it was take them directly to the ecommerce site. Pinterest allows greater exposure for companies who may not be considered leaders in the industry by showing up in specific searches. It won’t be long until Pinterest will become a integrate part of a brand’s social media strategy. Now that’s Pin-teresting!



[INFOGRAPHIC via Mashable]