Feb 23, 2012

Uncovering Siri’s Mobile Search Mastermind

by: in Mobile

How does Siri select her answers?

Recently, I had a client ask why their business wasn’t coming up as a mobile search result when they asked Siri where to find “the best Steak in Louisville.”  My initial thought was Siri probably determines her answers just like Google – using search algorithms to determine website position for search terms.  However, after digging around and reading more into it, it seems Siri is just as tricky, if not more so, than Google’s ever-changing search algorithms.  Ah the world of digital technology…will I ever keep up with you? 

So, in case you are wondering how to persuade Siri to respond with your business via mobile voice search, here are a few tips I found on the situation:

Make sure your Google Maps listing is complete and up-to-date

  • Optimize your Google Maps listing with keywords your customers would actually are actually searching
  • Optimize your Google Places page and make it as appealing as possible for Siri  and your customers by including photos, reviews, coupons, and fresh content such as weekly specials.
  • Make sure your local listing is on review sites like Yelp and OpenTable and be sure your listing is optimized for search.

No one has cracked the Siri voice search code yet, but the above steps are a great place to start to try and get her on your business’ side!


[Contributed by Melanie Williams, senior account manager]