Mar 22, 2012

Facebook Brand Timelines…Ready or Not, Here They Come

By now, most companies are aware of the update to the layout for brand pages on Facebook. If you aren’t, consider this “last call.” As of March 30, 2012 (yes, in 8 days), all brand pages will be converted over to the new timeline layout. So what’s the hesitation? As you surf through the not-so-private world of Facebook, you may be surprised to see a lot of companies and agencies have not made the switch. Let’s face it, change is not easy and no one wants to be the first to jump. With an overwhelming amount of information out on the web, it’s not easy to know where to start. The best way to get information is “straight from the horse’s mouth” so my suggestion is to pass through all the articles and blogs and get the information from Facebook. This resource is full of FAQs, PDFs with exact dimensions, and restrictions.

The update may seem simple enough, a new picture here, a new button there…but the changes mean more than just a new look for your brand. It means a new strategy. Brands cannot survive on Timeline the way they were living on the original Facebook layout. Brands will be pushed to create new original content to engage with their fans. Simply pushing out industry news or posting articles from other sources is like committing Facebook suicide. Not to mention, due to the rid of fan gates on the main page, companies can no longer “force” users to ‘like’ their page in order to see the timeline. Fan gates do, however, still exist on newly update tabs. The challenge now is to get fans to these tabs without infringing any of the cover page restrictions.

I won’t waste my time regurgitating the new features and functions, believe me, they’re out there. One advantage of having a relationship with a full-service interactive agency is that we have easy access to this information and the expertise to be your parachute when you make the jump. Many digital agencies including LEAP have internal documents to share with clients that present the guidelines in a client friendly manner, without the clutter. Ready to make the jump? Contact us today and get all the strategy support and information needed leave your timeline worries behind!