Mar 29, 2012

Developing Product & Brand Engagement Online

With so many multitasking consumers, it can be hard for brands to engage with consumers whose attention is fragmented across mediums. From television to mobile games & apps, attention spans are getting increasingly smaller when it comes to focusing on one digital media at a time. The challenge for brands is holding the consumer’s attention long enough to drive them through an engagement or interaction for the brand’s product. As digital marketing has become more sophisticated, so have consumers and thus brands are looking for ways to make their advertising more impactful without losing the branding they have strived to achieve.

Many brands are using consumers’ short attention spans to their advantage and using traditional media to drive traffic to their digital assets. Building integrated campaigns allows your brand to “go further” by creating companion experiences for the consumer. Take for example live events such as the Super Bowl or the Grammys. During those broadcasts brands took full advantage of leveraging the audience and encouraged watchers to interact with their branding online while they were watching the game and socializing on their tablet. Branding isn’t just about a great logo or recognizable tag line anymore, its about getting the consumer to talk about you and help build your online presence and reputation.

The good news for brands out of all this is that brand recognition online isn’t really all that different than brand recognition derived from traditional media outlets – its just faster and more pronounced. Similar to offline branding experiences, consumers are looking for some value exchange from the brand – whether it be increased Twitter engagement in real time or companion content through mobile apps featuring additional stats, scores or videos, is the brand engaging with the consumer through multiple media. Branding across marketing channels isn’t something new, but it is something becoming more pronounced. Building your brand through social media, mobile app development, online video and blogs increases your presence and helps put you top of mind for multitasking consumers.