Apr 16, 2012

2012 Q1 Paid Search and Mobile Ad Market Research

Earlier this month IgnitionOne released their Q1 online advertising trends market research through a new online report: Global Online Advertising. The report focused on research in paid search and mobile advertising. According to the report, the first quarter of 2012 showed a 30.3% growth in paid search marketing, with increased competition in Yahoo/Bing keyword auction following their best practices and broad match push. Google saw their highest growth rate in ad spend since before 2009 and a 29.1% increase in ad clicks. From a search perspective, the rise of Bing/Yahoo! is not all that surprising. We have been seeing an increase in traffic from Bing specifically over the course of the past year, which would correspond with the rise in ad spending. 

Mobile paid search advertising saw a growth in impressions (119%) and clicks (246.1%), even though spend only account for 12.3% of total search marketing. The research also suggests not only the continued rise of overall mobile usage, but the increase in tablet searches as 67.4% of mobile search advertising budgets was attributed to search on tablet. Click through rates of mobile search ads are also on the rise. According to the report, tablet click through rates are 3.1%, 0.6% higher than the PC rate of 2.5%. 

Many of the digital trends reports released in late 2011 concentrated on mobile search and mobile marketing. The research released from IgnitionOne confirms many of those thought to be emerging and continuing trends. As 2012 continues to move forward, it will be interesting to the watch the trends coming out of Q2, Q3, and Q4 and what changes marketers make to their paid search and mobile marketing plans as more market research comes out about where and how to reach consumers.