Apr 17, 2012

WATCH Out For This New Technology

The Pebble Gets Rolling 

Startups are literally popping up all over the country and finding the funding to back these projects sounds like a difficult task to take on. Seeking out venture capitalists can require an immense amount of work just to get through the gatekeepers and talk to someone who ‘might’ be able to set up a meeting for you. 

Pebble Technology, based in Palo Alto, CA, found an alternative way to raise their funds, and they did it quickly. Pebble used a site for startups, called Kickstarter, to get the idea for its new product out to anyone that wanted to listen. Within two hours they had met their goal of $100,000 and they continued their epic climb for the next 26 hours when they reached $1,000,000. 

Yes, I know, I have not even mentioned what the product is yet, but I am willing to bet you are interested to know just based on the information above. 

The product is called The Pebble. It is an e-paper wristwatch that connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. It runs mobile apps that can be useful with anything from tracking runs, to controlling music, to receiving emails. It also has a multitude of different watch faces that can be used depending on your preference. The Pebble also has an open software development kit for anyone to develop apps that will run on the Pebble. This extends the benefits of this watch tremendously. 

Did I mention that the battery will last 7+ days? Oh yeah and it’s waterproof. 

The tremendous support for the product has me thinking we will see it very soon. If you want to help back the product, which, by the way, gets you one of the first Pebbles, check out its Kickstarter page

Just a side note, in the time it has taken me to write this blog, they have raised an additional $300,000. Watch out for these up and comers, they may be the next Instagram sized purchase by someone.  

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