Apr 18, 2012

LEAP Ventures Out for New Strategic Partnership

by: in LEAP

As a leading Interactive Agency, we like to be challenged and we want to be inspired. With our newest partnership with Bad Girl Ventures, we are able to do both! LEAP and powerhouse micro-lending organization, Bad Girl Ventures, have joined forces to host a series of workshops for area start-ups in Cincinnati. 

Bad Girl Ventures was developed to support female entrepreneurs much like Kiva.org and the Apprentice do for their participants. But, BGV puts a new spin on the practice...it's like micro-lending on steroids! And, we get to be a part of the magic in witnessing these brilliant women take their already amazing business concepts and develop them into something sustainable and fabulous. BGV combines micro-lending with a nine week business development course. Each three-hour class is taught by successful business owners and professionals from the local community with in-depth experience in their fields. The classes consists of a two-hour classroom session followed by a one hour one-on-one coaching session where experts in the industry spend time answering questions in a "speed date" type setting. Each nine-week course is held two to three times a year. Businesses can choose to participate as a student or a finalist.

Beyond providing the physical place for these workshops to take place, LEAP is proud to be a part of the overall process. We have gotten to know not only the BGV board, but the participants as well. We look forward to the opportunities that this partnership will provide for both LEAP and BGV. Stay tuned to learn about our experience with this amazing partnership by following our blog.