Apr 26, 2012

Mobile Sites Need SEO Too

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According to a Goolge-sponsored survey, there is a nearly 100% penetration of mobile search among smartphone users. Most of those users are searching at least once a week. Ninety-five percent of Americans use search engines on a smartphone and 25% made a purchase in-store following looking up local information. A Compuware study found that 57% of customers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site and 40% would choose a competitor with a better mobile experience. Given this importance, the first place to start when talking about mobile SEO is to develop a mobile site. A mobile site allows companies to generate traffic from mobile search either via smartphones or tablets. 

Optimizing your mobile site in the beginning will not only create a user-friendly experience for consumers on-the-go, but it will also help mobile search bots such as Googlebot mobile and smartphone Googlebot to index and then serve your mobile site in place of your full site. Similar to the development of a desktop site, mobile sites require search friendly URLs and focused content on what sites visitors are searching when looking for your brand, products or service. Good mobile sites are not a carbon copy of a brand’s full site, just made for mobile, but rather a simplified site developed based on the main reasons consumers visit your site when they are on-the-go which may include looking for a location “near me,” menu, specials and a contact page. Understanding the mobile user who frequents your site is critical to developing the best mobile site for your consumer-base. 

Making the most of the limited content on a mobile site is critical for good optimization. Because mobile sites generally have less content than traditional desktop sites, its important to make the most of that content by using relevant keywords, as appropriate, to deliver the relevancy to search engines about your product or service. In addition to content, speed of a mobile site is key. Not only will it result in an overall better user experience, but search engines see load time as even more critical for mobile sites. 

Voice search is the final element I’ll mention when considering the optimization of your mobile site. As more consumers turn to mobile voice recognition programs like Apple’s Siri, more will be searching via asking vocal questions rather than typing a search. We’ve mentioned voice search before and the top things to keep in-mind include incorporating “spoken” keywords and phrases into your content where appropriate and within your meta content and ensuring your business is listed, claimed and optimized in Google Places and other relevant local directories and review sites such as Yelp. 

Looking for more information? Check out this great infographic from KISSmetrics on the importance of mobile optimization. Or contact us, LEAP would be happy to assist with your mobile site and mobile optimization needs.

The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization
Source: The Growing Importance of Mobile Website Optimization Infographic