Apr 30, 2012

Google Taking Steps to Help Improve Adwords Clicks

by: in PPC

Word has it around the industry that Google will be introducing a “breadcrumb” feature for the display URL on AdWords ads according to Search Engine Land. This feature (introduced in 2009 for organic search) gives the searcher more options on each search result by showing the website hierarchy along with the regular display URL in the ad. In other words it will show searchers the pages on the site that lead to the landing page they will be taken to if they click on the title of the ad. This also serves to give the user more context and information about the ad being displayed to them.

What this means for those of you running AdWords Campaigns.

Firstly, we should probably recognize that this feature is very likely to help weed out irrelevant clicks on your ads. By showing the user more information/context it will help them to decide if the ads is applicable to that particular search mission, helping to ensure that your money is well spent. 

Secondly, this puts a new importance on site structure and hierarchy. Mainly, if your landing pages are deep within your site, then the path taken to get there should define the context of that page.

Lastly, the breadcrumbs displayed by the main URL will be clickable and take users to different pages. This allows the user to choose which page is most relevant to their interest and land on the page that they choose. If this works as it has been designed it’ll help digital marketers increase click-through-rates while decreasing the number of irrelevant clicks. It certainly is a great improvement for sites that have the structure and breadcrumb rich snippets to support it.