May 02, 2012

A Digital Marketing Strategy for the 2012 Olympics

In 2008, I happen to be at a bar during one of Michael Phelps races. The bar had the TV’s on during the Olympic coverage but it was more for background noise. Until the primetime coverage of the Phelps race came on. At that point the music stopped in the bar, the volumes on the TV went up and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch. We happened to be watching the race we just barely won – the place went crazy. Everyone was high fiving and hugging one another – just like in the movies.

A lot has changed in four years, including the rise of social media. We know from February’s Super Bowl how engaged people are with sports online. The Super Bowl averaged over 12,000 tweets per minute. With the whole world as the stage, the numbers could be staggering.

Therefore, if you have not thought how you could capitalize on the excitement of the Olympics, it is not to late to implement a digital strategy. For brands associated with apparel and sporting goods, it is paramount to begin exploring how you will, in the least, use social media and online public relations to promote your brand. As a small business or a product, which may not have a direct correlation to sports, you could carry a patriotic theme throughout most of the summer – a great way to maximize creative assets. Although ad inventory and keywords may be unavailable or too expensive, you can still use keywords and placements, which reach your target audience while using creative messaging invoking the Olympic spirit.

And if you need some Olympic motivation, the ad entitled Thank you, Mom from P&G will definitely get you in the mood.