May 14, 2012

LEAP Wins Public Relations and Traditional Media Communicator Awards

by: in LEAP

I am proud to announce LEAP just won 6 Gold and 15 Silver Communicator Awards in the annual competition. To view the entire list of awards won, visit our awards announcement blog.

We are happy to have won awards for our website work. LEAP continues to be digital marketing advertising agency and we produce award-winning work in the digital space on a continual basis.

We also won Communicator Awards for both Public Relations and Traditional Media. This is a first for our agency and is a result of strategic decisions made to improve our offerings to our clients.

We were one of the first to use social media as a marketing channel for our clients. We understood very early on how to engage and become a part of our client’s online communities. However, as social media has evolved, many of the online engagements have moved to incorporate offline activities. We also saw more traditional public relations infiltrating into the social media space. So, in 2011, we decided to test PR with key clients as a product offering. And, in March, officially rolled out public relations as core service offering for clients. These awards represent a year where we learned what worked by melding PR and social media and effectively provided results for our clients.

In speaking to the awards we won for our traditional media work, these are natural extensions of our digital work. As more and more media has moved online or have a CTA which is a website, social mention or any other digital asset, we firmly feel, as a digital agency, we understand those connections the best and can close the loop better than anyone else. We will continue to connect the dots between digital and traditional to provide fully integrated programs for our clients.

It is an exciting time at LEAP and we couldn’t be happier to be recognized for our accomplishments.