Jun 14, 2012

Creating a Good Mobile Impression

by: in Mobile

Fact: By 2013 more people will connect to the Internet through mobile devices than through computers. As advances in mobile devices make mobile browsing a comparable experience to that of desktop or laptop browsing, this should come as no surprise. As we enter mid-year, it’s time to think about your businesses’ mobile impression and make sure you’re not inadvertently driving business to your competition due to a non-engaging mobile site.

Google launched its GoMo site last November, and it is a great reference for a business owner looking to take the mobile friendly plunge. The site uses a tool called GoMoMeter that tests the functionality of your site on a mobile device by allowing you to preview functionality. It also offers tips for improving the mobile readiness of your site, as well as suggests providers to help you build your mobile site, which can be filtered by service type (DIY or full-service), timeframe to build and cost.

Regardless of budget, or preferred level of Content Management System, GoMo and the following tips are important when creating a good mobile impression, and keeping those mobile customers around!

  1. Use mobile plugins if you can. If your website contains a Content Management System (CMS), you should explore the plugins that are available for the mobile platforms. Plugins optimize your website for mobile viewing and can be the easiest options to use. Not all of these are expensive, and, in fact, many are free.

  2. Reduce user input. User input can be difficult on some phones, so the less that users have to type on their phones, the more satisfied they are.

  3. Don't forget about your phone features. Features like click-to-call, maps, and location information are perfect for mobile optimization because they take advantage of the natural capabilities of mobile phones. They connect customers directly to your business!

  4. Remember that simplicity is key. Good mobile sites are quick, simple to navigate easy to read, easily clickable, have minimal images and house only the key information from your website.

[Contributed by Marcy Workman, Account Coordinator]