Jun 18, 2012

In Display Advertising, Size Does Matter

I am a frustrated media buyer. By frustrated, I don’t mean with my job or my industry…I am frustrated with lack of importance that is put on display advertising. Nothing against traditional advertising and media (that is important, too), but brands may have misconceptions about display. Some see it as an afterthought, or simply as an extension of their traditional campaign. But, in reality, digital advertising is its own entity and should be treated that way. Marketers have historically chased after their consumers, hoping to be where they are. Today, though, consumers are chasing down brands to be where they are. Display advertising gives brands the creativity and flexibility to generate user experiences that consumers will not only remember, but utilize.

In February, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) released new creative standards for the first time in 9 years. The newest “rising stars” branding units will take display advertising to the next level. Brands will finally be able to create visually stunning ads that offer new functionality and experiences. These new units are a great way to get user attention without distracting them from the online activity they were partaking in. Many units allow the user to interact and/or use the ad unit without leaving the page they are currently on. These updated sizes can tell bigger and better brand stories and entice engagement more than the previous standards.

But these standards are not the end of the story. Now that there are improved means for providing unique online advertising, brands need the know-how in order to utilize them! Understanding and implementing a strong online presence will help brands succeed now and in the future. It’s not enough to place a static ad here and there on major sites. Companies need to take advantage of this new “rising star” of media and push their brand to tell a story people have never heard and seen before. We, as media buyers and brands, need to demand these new standards from publishers and in return, deliver engaging creative. It’s time to show consumers and brands that in the world in display advertising, size does matter.