Jun 22, 2012

Combining Social Media and Inbound Marketing

With the amount of money being pumped into furthering business involvement in social media, the question of measuring ROI comes up daily. While I don’t think that we’ll ever get these numbers to be perfectly accurate, big companies are moving forward in leaps and bounds to help close the gap between social media marketing and sales.  It was recently announced that Hootsuite is teaming up with Hubspot to come up with an app for tying lead nurturing and generation to our social media efforts.

All that we really know about the app at this point is that it will allow you to see lead data from Hubspot within Hootsuite in order to incorporate lead nurturing techniques into your social strategy. Given what I’ve seen from Hubspots’ dashboard in the past, I think it’s reasonable to expect sophisticated reporting on these efforts that should facilitate quick adaptations to strategy and allow businesses, both B2C and B2B alike, to increase the number of sales generating leads coming from social media. It’ll also be nice for a lot of companies to just realize how much their social media efforts are paying off for them, and see where the leaks are in their funnel.

This adds a new element to our social media marketing efforts and will take a hybrid approach combining the best practices for inbound lead generation and social media. The process of social media lead generation will have to be a delicate one. There’s great opportunity out there, and becoming just more marketing noise will make the leads hard to reap. And for all of the naysayers out there, take a look at the slides from Hubspots’ “The Science of Inbound Marketing” webinar. There may be some numbers that surprise you.