Jun 27, 2012

Link Building 101: The Power of Offsite SEO

by: in SEO

The modern day Internet is a very, very crowded environment. The breadth and variety of available information online is difficult to imagine. It’s for this reason that pages are grouped and ordered by similarities of content and theme. But even with this grouping the shear amount of groups that are created can be dizzying. In order to have a website that stands out in this environment one must increase its visibility. And that is where link building comes into play. The act of link building increases the exposure rate of your website link by increasing the number of locations a user can access it. Online directories are services that use a grouping system based on various kinds of categories that organize the many links that are listed within them. The more places a link is available the higher the likelihood that users will click on it and help increase the websites reputation.

However, the act of link building is more efficient if paired with optimization. SEO techniques ensure the information comprising a webpage is easily readable and comprehendible for both mechanisms, which scour and index the Internet’s riches, as well as the users who are constantly scouring the Internet themselves. A website has two sides to it: one faces the consumer and the other faces the person(s) that function as developers (webmasters). SEO makes sure that elements like meta tags and other webpage specific elements are labeled correctly and most importantly, relevant to the overall subject matter of the entire webpage.

The general purpose of SEO is to make sure that every page, image and other elements are properly labeled and carry a relevance to the greater theme or purpose of the web project. This ensures that search engine parameters properly scan and catalog your sites’ content.


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