Jun 28, 2012

Google+ Is a Must for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Google+ was released a little over a year ago and, at first, had very quick adoption albeit by mostly technology early adopters and media. As all things in digital marketing, “the death of Google+”, “Google+ won’t last”, or “Google+ is a waste of time” rang from the mouth of industries experts ready to jump at its demise.

A year later, Google+ is still around – a feat in today’s churn and burn product launches. Google+ is not only still around, but it is also becoming more and more relevant. It was integrated into search results at the beginning of the year with Search Plus Your World and now has been integrated into local with Google+Local. Google+ has also added Hangout On Air – the ability to instantly communicate to masses via video without the need of web conferencing tools.

Although Google+ trails behind Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in regards to buzz and engagement, it is picking up steam. Those who participate in the environment are exceedingly loyal and usually use Google+ for more than one service.

So if you haven’t given Google+ a try, here are 5 reasons you should.

  • Search – Google+ appear very quickly in the search results. Your brand can make an impact in the search engines by having a Google+ page.
  • Local – Now that Google+ is integrated with Google Places, Google+Local brings the best of search, peer reviews and discussion about your favorite places all into one place.  A local page in Google+ helps define your business beyond just location and hours of operation.
  • Engagement – Engagement on Google+ is easier and a richer experience than most other networks. Google+ takes the best of both Twitter (the ability to aggregate content by hashtags) and Facebook (long content) and brings them together. This lends itself to more valuable storytelling because it can be found easily.
  • Content Distribution – Where Facebook is the mass medium of content, Google+ is designed to selectively send content out to interested parties via Circles. A brand can segment their audience and send relevant content to particular parties. As consumers experience information burnout, Google+ can help disseminate information more appropriately.
  • Did I mention Search? 

Google understands the broader context of engagement and is helping propel us into this world of immersion (see Google Glasses). Google+ is the next iteration of search – not just how a person can brag about their weekend online. If you want to compete not for today but tomorrow, Google+ needs to be a part of your marketing mix.