Jul 03, 2012

Media Planning Best Practices

Media planning is about identifying the best media platforms for a brand, product or service, in our case, choosing the best digital media platforms for our clients. In today's ever-changing digital world, it is a job in itself to stay up to date with all the different media outlets. As a media planner and buyer I always go through a mental checklist of steps that will help plan out the strategy best for the client and their digital campaign. Every client and campaign is a different, but here are the general steps I take for each one. 

+ Know Your Client: The basis of all marketing practices is to know your client. For media planning specifically, know about their target market. Demographics, psychographics, behaviors, contextual, keyword, etc. and decide which type of targeting is best.

+ Know Objective of the Campaign: Know what the client is trying to accomplish with the campaign. Whether it is site traffic, branding efforts, or promotional, knowing the end goal will help in deciding the outlet, targeting, creative, and time frame.

+ Explore Your Options (Research): Independently research your options based on networks, local capabilities, retargeting, etc. to get a feel of which vendors/publishers carry out specific functions. This step is very important because new outlets are being created every day. This allows you to suggest new and creative places for your client to be. Make sure to take any sales calls, even if they are a brief overview. You never know when their services may become a need.

+ Know Where You Want to Be: After knowing your client, the objective of the campaign, and what capabilities are out there, use your research to make a proposal to the client about where (which outlets) their message should be.

+ Build Relationships: Build a relationship with the client/account manager to ensure you understand the client’s needs throughout the entire process. It is also important to build relationships with your vendors/publishers; this will aid in future negotiating and overall communication.