Jul 24, 2012

Google+ Expands API Partnerships

In a recent guest blog post by Jason Falls, one of the points he made for Google+ success would be for Google to open it’s API to social media management platforms. Low and behold, Google announced last Thursday that it will be expanding it’s API partners. Eduardo Thuler, Google Product Manager, posted on his Google+ page the announcement. Google had been in talks with several of the social media management companies including Buddy Media, Context Optional, Hearsay Social, HootSuite, Involver, and Vitrue over the past several months. In the most recent announcement, Google is opening up conversations with hundreds of additional social media management tools.

What does this mean for brands and companies? I think is may be the answer many companies and brands have been waiting for to become more engaged on Google+. While brands have been engaging on Google+, for many of those it is at a slight slower pace than “full-steam ahead” due to the lack of being able to integrate it into their already existing social media management platform. With the new opportunities for social media tool developers that the release of the Google+ API provides, brands and companies, especially small businesses, will have a better ability to manage all their social media properties from one place. Google+ is already making it’s move into becoming a more popular and strategic social media channel for businesses with 250 million users worldwide, this new development will give brands an easier, more efficient way to communicate with followers. Will you add your Google+ profile to your social media management tool along with Facebook and Twitter?