Jul 26, 2012

Email Newsletters vs. Promotions: Different Strokes for Different Folks

by: in Email

Who here sends out a company e-newsletter or promotional email? (I see you in the back, put your hand up!) The fact is, monthly e-newsletters have become as common as a cold but that doesn’t mean they have to be as daunting as one. Most companies and brands send out a monthly e-newsletter to their consumers and brand loyalists. E-newsletters are NOT to be confused with email promotions, which are also very important but serve a different purpose. In fact, companies that try to merge the two will find they have higher unsubscribe and un-open rates. More often than not, consumers who sign-up for email promotions could care less about what is going on in company news. And those who want to know what is going on with current company events don’t always want to be sold something. This is a very important factor that companies should consider when developing an email marketing strategy. So how can you please everyone? Well, if you have to choose between layout and content…you guessed it – content is King. Making content relevant in e-newsletters will create more site traffic and making content relevant in email promotions will lead to increased sales. Let’s see how we make everyone happy .


Email Newsletters

Consumers who are signing up for newsletters want to know what’s going on in the company. This can mean different things for different industries. E-newsletter can contain new product releases, new hires, new store openings, or announcing company changes. These subscribers are usually clients, brand loyalists, or industry junkies. Regardless what their attraction is to the brand, they want quick access to the latest news. The content should be geared around informing readers on current events and should be relevant to their relationship to the brand. Six Flags has a great example how they edit the content in the e-newsletter for season pass holders and regular visitors. By altering the content and links slightly based on brand relationship, you can create great traffic through more relevant content.


Email Promotions

Show me the money! These consumers want the deals, and the deals only. The more you cloud your offers with news and lengthy copy, the more likely you’re going to lose them. Chances are the majority of these email promotion subscribers are also receiving email via a mobile device and don’t want a huge file coming through and slowing down their experience. The content of these emails need to appeal to their intentions. Make your promotion emails straight to the point and linked directing to the offer on the site (preferable on a mobile site). Believe me, they’ll thank you later.