Jul 31, 2012

Social Media and TV, Brands Need to Get On Board

One of our favorite commercials currently running is the State Farm – State of Discovery video featuring Chicago Cubs greats Kerry Wood and Andre Dawson. The brand continues the ‘discount double-check’ introduced by Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. The ad also finishes with nice CTAs of a phone number and website.

However, the State of Discovery would be a great social media campaign. State Farm could have built an online, interactive game to find all of the missing items in Wrigley Field. Similar to “Where’s Waldo?”, one could find Andre Dawson on their multiple social media properties for SWAG or unlock special content around Wood and Dawson. At the very least, the art card at the end of the spot should have their social media properties identified. Integrating a social media campaign with the media buy leverages the spend past the flight plan.

Traditional media must capitalize on extending the campaign digitally. Does every spot need a Facebook CTA? No.  But brands should understand how their creative concepts could be applied across multiple marketing channels for more effective reach.