Sep 07, 2012

RebelMouse: Painting a Picture of Your Social Media Use

It’s no wonder that with all the heavy hitting social media outlets and those newer to the scene, it’s hard to remember when, where and why you posted your latest tweets or status updates. And while some brands may manage their social sites disparately (or minimally connected), a new social media kid on the block, RebelMouse, helps users see the picture they are truly painting through all their social media channels on one, easy to intake screen.


I’m redecorating my apartment right now, which reminded me of planning a social media strategy. Say, for example, I’m trying to pick curtains that will go with my pillows and rugs. If I don’t see the pillows and rugs while I’m picking fabric for my curtains, I may not get an exact match. Or worse, they may seem to go with one another, when they, in fact, may clash once they’re all in the same room.

It’s the same with your social media plan. If you are going along, making social posts on your various properties without “seeing” what you are doing on the other sites, you may just post content that “clashes” with your overall social media plan. That’s where RebelMouse can come in handy.

Think of RebelMouse as a “Pinterest” of sorts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In a visual box format, RebelMouse displays, in real time, all the posts you’ve made across the channels. Not only that, but RebelMouse will help you see just who is and how people are interacting with your content across the sites. It’s not just like taking a picture of your rug with you to the curtain shop. It’s like taking your rug to the curtains and holding it up visually next to every swatch of fabric, ensuring you get the most exact match possible. And just like that, you can have a harmonious social media strategy (or, for my example, living room).

Brands that integrate tools like RebelMouse into their social media and digital marketing strategies will not just be sharing content, but telling a cohesive story. So what story are you social media sites telling, not just alone, but together? Check out RebelMouse today, and with a few easy clicks to stream in your current properties, you’ll see the full picture for, perhaps, the first time