Oct 02, 2012

Facebook Engagement With "Good Taste"

Last Month, Kraft Food’s popular Dijon mustard product – Grey Poupon – launched a Facebook app to increase the awareness and engagement on their fan page. What is so special about this app? Well, it’s objective is quite contradictory (in English accent). Fans can apply to be a part of the Society of Good Taste by allowing the app to scan your Facebook profile for redeeming qualities. The criteria is based on photos, location, likes, friends, and much more. After “grading” your profile, fans are either accepted or denied into the Society.  In essence, the brand created this social media campaign to increase fan engagement by denying fans access to the content.  Makes no sense, right? Well, it may be too soon to say but I see huge potential from this campaign. But don’t trust me, let’s look at the numbers…

+ The brand started utilizing their fan page in Q2 of 2012. It seems as though the first real activity on their page started in April of this year. Their post, “Pardon us for being fashionably late to the digital revolution...” on April 1, 2012, acted as their debut on Facebook. Likes? Around 1,700 fans.

+ When the campaign launched mid September, likes were around 22,000. Not too shabby for a new-comer. Now, not even a month later, likes are roughly 37,000. What the brand had been working towards for 5 months was nearly accomplished in 17 days thanks to this campaign.

Based on numbers alone, I’d say the campaign is doing exactly what they intended it to do. Based on digital marketing & social media experience and know-how, I’d say we need to wait and see. Grey Poupon has done an outstanding job of interacting and engaging with fans through responding to comments and ‘liking’ fan posts. One of the reasons why this campaign is doing so well is because it was developed in a manner that requires fans to come back. Once you’re accepted into the Society of Good Taste, fans can redeem prizes that are sporadically unveiled up until November 13, 2012. The brand will need to devise a strategy moving forward to keep the momentum up after the offers end. They will have to create content that will be relevant enough to keep fans coming back after the goodies are gone. Maybe it will be more giveaways – maybe it won’t.  The easiest part of this social media campaign is happening now, the hard part is yet to come. We’ll have to wait and see if the Society of Good Taste will continue after this campaign or vanish like a turkey sandwich, extra mustard.