Oct 04, 2012

Using Both Sides of the Brain: Marketing Agency Communication

by: in LEAP

Anyone who has worked at a marketing agency can tell you that the one thing they all exude is personality. LEAP is no exception to this rule, and no two teams have more personality than our Technology and Creative teams. Both teams are full of individuals that are passionate, energized, and results-driven, and their different approaches compliment each other in our work environment.

The left-brained technology team is full of individuals that appreciate logic, critical thinking, and reasoning.  They seek to understand the “why” and evaluate the effectiveness of the vehicle chosen to deliver a concept. Whether that vehicle is a website, a mobile app or another piece of technology, they strive to understand it.

The right-brained creative team is concerned about the look, feel and tone of a project, but they also seek to push consumer engagement and experience.  Both teams are capable of working in a vacuum for the execution of our projects, but neither team will stand for it.  Experience has shown us that when these two teams and sets of personalities mix, the results are unparalleled.

The differences between the teams lead to great collaboration dynamics, but also present a challenge to project managers. As project managers, our role in the process is to facilitate, but not force the collaboration, to aid in the project team’s communication, and to keep the project organized.  When you work with two strong personality types it is essential to adapt your communication style to be most effective in outlining goals, scope, and deadlines for the project team. With both teams, we check in on their progress, ensure we are on schedule, and confirm they have everything they need to continue to be successful. Within that framework,  we can then adapt our approach to each team’s personality. 

With the Creative team, we seek to give them space while providing direction on when deliverables need to be ready to stay on schedule. With the Technology team, our involvement is to ensure they are clear on what we are to deliver and that they have an open channel of communication with the creative team during development. We seek to understand any barriers to the execution of creative and try to remove them promptly, if they exist.  Add in the nuances of each team member’s individual personality and you would be surprised how one message may need to be delivered in 10 different ways to be most effective.

If we were to try and manage the project team by using the same communication style and forcing collaboration, results would suffer and team satisfaction would take a hit. Our goal is not to contain or force the project into a mold, but rather to guide and let the team lead us to the best solution for each project.

LEAP is about genuine and organic collaboration. If you want to check out some of the fruits of this collaboration, look no further than our DOOH project, Dewey’s Pizza’s website, or Dant Clayton’s website.


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