Oct 15, 2012

Traditional Meets Digital: Translating Campaigns Across All Mediums

With the growth of the online community, certain devices and marketing tactics have become so extensively interconnected, that the standard model of media buying is facing serious questions from a variety of fronts: is Social Media a good investment? Does my company need a mobile strategy? Should I offer my products/services online? We’ve decided to take a step back and get a better perspective.


Technology is slowly starting to blur the lines between different mobile devices and media to the point that the public is now consuming the same content across multiple platforms, sometimes at the same time. GoogleTV, for example, syncs with your current TV provider and bypasses the provider’s technology and interface all together. Your TV and channel subscription, in essence, become manageable directly from a wireless keyboard. The device has a built-in browser and of course is compatible with the GooglePlay app store. What results is that one can watch TV in a picture-in-picture mode while simultaneously surfing the web online - not to mention consume the sum of the content of the Internet on their 42 inch flat screen.


Along with these new technologies comes the ever expanding mobile landscape. Mobile, or the ability to access content delivered via wireless networking, is quickly becoming a major avenue for business to target the consumer. The smartphone has attained an enormously large role in society as a whole. Forget simply sending a text or the ability to call another phone. Think documenting and globally sharing a major civil war, tracking the amount of miles you log during your morning run or even controlling your home alarm and of course TV with nothing but an app on your cellular device. These are just drops in a never ending ocean of possibilities.


The bottom line is that brands and industries must take a more multilateral approach to marketing and advertising. A campaign in today’s world cannot simply be conceived and adapted for merely TV or only radio. It must be capable of engaging with the consumer and adapting across both traditional and digital media. Most recently, Adidas has managed to get spectacular results with a well defined mobile strategy. During the Euro 2012 soccer tournament the athletic apparel company launched a wallpaper app that simply allowed one to tap a simulated ball on the screen as well as display their favorite team’s flag. Simple but effective: 1.6 million downloads across 200 different countries along with 21,000 reviews.


So the next time a new marketing campaign gets put up for vote in your company ask yourself some of the questions covered here and think: will this campaign translate well into mobile? Social? Because at the current rate of media convergence and thanks to social media there is little time to react once a campaign is launched.