Nov 20, 2012

Back to Basics: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the premier social network for career and professional networking. LinkedIn offers the ability to showcase one’s skills, work experience and connections. It is a must for anyone working in a professional position or looking for a job in this hyper-competitive job market.  More than a place for personal growth, businesses can garner leads, opportunities and recruit out of this social media platform.



LinkedIn has several areas of content that make it appealing to the business space. As a business on LinkedIn, companies can:

  • Post jobs
  • Recruit highly qualified individuals (the majority of users on LinkedIn have a college degree or higher)
  • Find new sales leads
  • Cultivate business relationships
  • Expand your brand presence
  • Post updates to your connections
  • Connect with individuals as a business

LinkedIn allows individuals to:

  • Post personal updates
  • Highlight career and educational notes
  • Connect with business associates
  • Network with professional groups
  • Search for jobs
  • Recommend connections
  • Showcase awards, published work and achievements


Social Media Landscape/Content

Brands should use LinkedIn to aid in recruitment. LinkedIn provides brands a way to connect with individuals in a professional setting, better than even Facebook or Twitter.


Why/If Your Brand Needs to Be There

If your brand is actively recruiting, LinkedIn is a must as part of your social media strategy. Also, LinkedIn provides support for your sales team as they go out into the marketplace.


Why Do Marketers Love It

LinkedIn provides another avenue to connect with the audience in a unique way. The content does not have to engage individuals in such a way as a Facebook, Instagram or Viddy; taking much the weight off creating visual assets. However, the content must still sell the brand in a way to drive interaction.


Three Tips/Best Practices

 Fill out the profile to 100%

  • Post updates to your page
  • Participate in the community


The LEAP "Back to Basics" blog series takes social media back to step one. From discovering the "must haves" of Facebook to the ins and outs of Tumblr, each blog will focus on the essentials of the world's most loved (and sometimes, loathed) social networks. Not only will you learn where your brand should be, but why it should be there, and how to maximize your social influence.