Nov 28, 2012

Back to Basics: Viddy

Viddy is the “Instagram of Video”. It is one of the newer social media sites devoted to video. Viddy allows you to upload 15 sec video clips, add music and apply filters in a very easy to use format. Viddy has a website but most of the activity occurs on the mobile app.  Red Bull has amassed almost 50,000 followers. Viddy allows users to sign-up via Facebook and then will assign a ‘Twitter-like’ user name. Just like Twitter, Viddy allows users to tag and search using hashtags. 



Viddy allows the following within its platform:

  • Upload video clips and cut them to fit the time and size constraints
  • Add filters to the video
  • Supplement the video with audio files
  • Add descriptions of the video and use hashtags to help promote
  • Distribute video to other social media networks


Social Media Landscape/Content

Viddy exists to create easy, simple, sharable video content. Bandwidth, connection and size can all prevent videos from uploading to popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo. However, Viddy’s constraints on size attempts to prevent uploading issues and helps increase the sharability of the content.


Why/If Your Brand Needs to Be There

If your brand creates engaging content, then your brand should place that content on Viddy. If your brand wants to experiment with video, but does not have the internal production capability, Viddy is a low cost entry into the video arena. Adding Viddy to your social media strategy creates an inexpensive, creative way to publish content and engage your brand’s audience.


Why Do Marketers Love It

It is a great way to get your brand in front of a highly engaged audience (since it is fairly new, those users on the site are highly interactive with one another). Also, because of the short video length, it allows marketers to test formats and styles quickly.


Three Tips/Best Practices

  • Build a profile and get started.
  • Experiment with the content to see what resonates with your audience.
  • Distribute your content to all of your other social media channels to increase exposure.


The LEAP "Back to Basics" blog series takes social media back to step one. From discovering the "must haves" of Facebook to the ins and outs of Tumblr, each blog will focus on the essentials of the world's most loved (and sometimes, loathed) social networks. Not only will you learn where your brand should be, but why it should be there, and how to maximize your social influence.