Dec 18, 2012

SoLoMo - Why You Should Know What It Is

Digital marketers are terrible when it comes to creating acronyms around our products, services, concepts, theories and strategies. SoLoMo is no different. The good news it is not a new channel or new widget. It is an extremely important, and effective, marketing strategy for businesses.

SoLoMo stands for:




SoLoMo is a three-prong approach to marketing your business in today’s digital space. This strategy is designed around execution and is a direct marketing initiative, not branding. Combining the ability to connect with an audience socially in a hyper-local way via the mobile phone, provides highly-targeted messages to be delivered to individuals regardless of time and place. The theory of SoLoMo achieves to connect with individuals in a much more personal level than any other medium, in particular traditional media.

A great example of SoLoMo application would be if you had a store location and you wanted to drive users into the store. You could offer an incentive – coupons, gift card, exclusive - for users to check-in to the store location, aka FourSquare, via their mobile phone. Users push social content to their networks – for your company.