Dec 20, 2012

Branding vs. Direct Marketing - Why the lines need to go away

A lot has been made about the struggle between brand marketers and direct, or digital, marketers. On the one hand, you have brand marketers driving towards engagement, awareness, loyalty and equity of the brand whereas the other is told to drive clicks, redemptions, leads, conversions, form fields and any myriad of actionable items the consumer can take.

Both are right. We should be able to increase brand engagement and drive toward a conversion. Google thinks so as well. Recent changes in the search algorithm are trying to factor in signals such as engagement, time on site, or ‘sharabilty’ of content to determine the worth of a website or piece of content. On the flip-side, marketers abound must find ways to measure the return on their investment.

What does our content look like when we bridge the gap between both brand and direct/digital? It becomes a piece of content that speaks to the consumer on a visceral level and drives them to take action. These campaigns become movements. Kony, Grey Poupon and Nike are all recent examples of great brand content created with a specific outcome in mind.

When we get to the point brand and direct/digital come together, campaigns will drive greater ROI and build the brand better than before.