Jan 17, 2013

Agency Life, Digital Marketing and “Phablets”

by: in LEAP

As I approach my first full year here at LEAP Interactive, I figured it would be a good idea to sum up everything I have encountered and learned about digital branding and marketing. Consider this an insider’s look into not only what makes an agency tick, but also how we efficiently satisfy all of our clients’ needs.

When I first started at LEAP, I was fairly “green” to the digital marketing world. In effect, I was in the same position as some of our small businesses and brick-and-mortar-only clients that turn to us for their digital branding needs. I had a general idea of what was going on, but didn’t really know about any of the processes in detail. Soon it dawned on me that something that seemed so simple, such as maintaining a business Facebook account, actually consisted of weeks of planning and the input of 6 or 7 different people! There were times when I looked around and thought to myself, “Why would people hire an agency for this stuff?” But between SEO, website maintenance, e-Commerce, Social Media and content marketing, I was the one that suddenly felt small. And those are just a few of the marketing services we offer.

Truth is, I considered branding in the digital world to follow the same basic framework of logic as in the real world. Boy was I mistaken. I’ve had the opportunity to see some serious PR and other customer service disasters that grew out of nothing more than a single, little Facebook post! I came to find out that Social Media was giving businesses just as much, if not more, trouble than the athletes and celebrities that have been committing reputational suicide with ill advised tweets and posts. I had the privilege (thanks to my wonderful boss!) to cover digital media and the Olympics and saw some posts being published online by individuals that would get the rest of the working population fired on the spot! But in the end, the most striking realization was the shear amount of necessity that a properly managed digital presence carries in order to maintain a professional image, company, service or product these days.

For example, you would be surprised to find out how few businesses across various industries do not have something as simple as a Google location listing online or of those companies with multiple Google maps listings, how few have managed to update those listing universally. I have worked on everything from large national to smaller, regional client projects. The interesting thing is that the size of the company does not matter one bit! Digital marketing and the digital space is where a small company can gain a pretty significant competitive advantage by simply interacting with their customers efficiently through social media and offering engaging content to the masses.

Perhaps the one thing that should make you think long and hard whether or not you want to put your digital strategy on the back burner, is the lightning speed of development in communications technology. Add to that the rate of proliferation among the public, as well as the dropping costs of ownership. All demographics are affected, young and old, male or female, from Kuala Lumpur and Madrid to L.A. and Moscow. For example, just recently an even newer fad is arising and taking over the market: Phablets. These are devices that are mini-sized tablets that also include a phone function. The Internet is now part of your marketing, sales, PR and all other business development strategies, regardless of industry.

So where is your digital brand? The learning curve is steep and there isn’t much time to master one aspect of the market before something else requires your attention. At LEAP, we offer creative thinking and vibrant personnel with a fresh and modern outlook on the industry. Our talented employees have been raised in this environment so they understand the intricacies and difficulties associated with tackling digital media and online branding. Since day one at LEAP, it has been clear to me that we strive to give every single client a unique service experience with the most bang for their buck. Plus we’re all a pretty motley crew as well! Here’s to another successful year at LEAP and hopefully I’ll get to greet you at our offices soon!