Feb 28, 2013

e-Commerce Marketing Needs a Multidisciplinary Approach

e-Commerce Marketing uses many different skill sets to achieve the best results. When assessing how to onboard an e-Commerce Marketing team, here are some of the skill sets you should look for.

  • Sales Acumen – Affiliates may not be convinced out of the gate your product or service you are offering will benefit from them. The ability to sell Affiliates on your product or services is key to activating them into your program.
  • Relationship Management – Affiliates are people. If they like you, they are more likely to put your product or service in a premium space, write about you or promote you. Treat Affiliates like they are a valued member of your team – because they are.
  • Creative Design – The ability to create and develop creative assets will only help your program. Banner ads, product placement, hero spaces, and so forth are all types of creative pieces you may need to create for your program.
  • Database Management – Affiliates come and go out of programs. Understanding and managing them through a database is crucial to actively understanding which and what types of Affiliates work best for you.
  • Analytics – If you are participating in e-Commerce Marketing, this is a must. Analyzing which promotions work best, products performing best in Marketplaces, the best targeted bid in the CSE space and ROI are just a few things you need to understand to run your program effectively.
  • Technology – Understanding pixel tracking, URL structure, tracking URL’s, e-commerce platforms and the such will help you ensure all of the right pieces in place to properly track sales and ROI.
  • Performance Marketing – e-Commerce Marketing is performance driven. As much as the brand plays in importance and can help sell your product within the space, the ability to turn a profit is key. The way to profit is understanding the mechanics of performance marketing and the ability to execute them.
  • Email Marketing – Communication via email is a preferred communication choice for Affiliates. The ability to draft compelling email subject lines and persuade Affiliates to activate into your program. Additionally, email marketing can help with cart abandonment, increase site returns and drive referrals. The email marketing channel is not dead. It can actively improve the performance of your program.
  • Search Marketing – From product feeds, blog writing to Google AdWords, search marketing, both organic and paid, are crucial to having your products and services found when consumers are searching. Applying the basic principles of search marketing will only improve your program.
  • Social Media – Social media is a means for brands to get in front of a large customer base and the same can be said for your e-commerce marketing program.  Announcing promotions, gaining referrals and simply selling your product can be achieved through social media. Making social media an active channel within your e-commerce marketing program.

e-Commerce Marketing covers the swath of skill sets across teams and departments within an agency. When all of these functions work in sync, you can have a high performing e-Commerce marketing team that is driving results for the client.