Mar 06, 2013

The Smartphone - An Always On Connection To Your Audience

by: in Mobile

The Smartphone has ushered in a new era of hyper connectivity.  One can be nearly anywhere in the world and still be connected to his or her circle of friends, family, and even favorite brands.  Everyday more and more people are getting connected and adding a Smartphone to their arsenal of tools.  Whether it be a tool for work or   gadget for fun, the always-on connection of a smartphone can allow for new exciting ideas.

I, for one, know that I am almost never without my phone.  It is my alarm clock in the morning, my navigator on the road, and my primary way of keeping up with everything going on around me.  Even when I’m at home watching TV, my phone is always within reach.  On more than one occasion, I’ve been watching TV and my interest been piqued by either a movie trailer or an interesting product spot. I then reach into my pocket and end up searching for an app, browsing a web site or engaging in social media.

Driving interest to mobile properties can happen anywhere. It happens on QR codes in stores, on traditional advertisements, in digital ads, in Social Media, and even through word of mouth. Mobile devices are even becoming methods of payment. Starbucks now allows its patrons to pay using their mobile app.

Having this type of connection with your audience can be a great advantage.  It gives you the ability to push out information and keep your audience in the loop through many forms of mobile marketing.  You can give your users the ability to help spread the word further by integrating with social media and letting them spread the word to their friends.  Leverage this consumer-brand connection in new and interesting ways, and you are bound to experience an increase in engagement with your most fervent followers.


[Contributed by Jeff Trespalacios, Interactive Developer]